This Is Me!

Let me take a minute and tell you all about my journey to owning my life!

I got my start in the digital world quite a few years back when I worked with a toy company. When I started there I was only allowed to add thumbnails to YouTube videos. Then I was promoted to being able to upload YouTube videos! After a lot of pushing and learning and watching, I inserted myself into content planning conversations. Truth be told, I had to act really unladylike. I fought for a seat at every table. For a while I loved it.

Then some big changes were made in my department and my happiness and satisfaction quickly dwindled. Soon after I moved to a different company where things went from bad to worse. From day one I knew this new workplace wasn’t a good fit. The job was easy, the people were not. I was miserable. Like cry while walking home every day type miserable.

As frustrating and upsetting as that time was, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It gave me the kick in the pants I needed. I had to evaluate every factor of my professional life and what I enjoyed doing. Then I created my own path. It took nine months before I could go off on my own and live my dream life.

Now I’m working with wonderful companies to help them grow their online communities. My passion is to help entrepreneurs break through the noise and amplify their voice. Your story matters, and your voice deserves to heard. Let’s chat and see how I can solve your social media problems!