New Instagram Update!

So I’ve seen a lot people posting about this new update with Instagram… and I have thoughts.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about here’s the T! Instagram announced the rollout of a new update that hides the number of likes and views that content gets. You can still see your follower count, like count and video views on your own profile, only visitors to your page won’t be able to see this.

What does this mean for marketers on Instagram? Well… it means a few things.

  1. it means that there will be a greater focus on quality content. Instagram wants us to focus on the content people are putting out there instead of worrying about the number of likes and followers you have.

  2. It means that engagement will still be important! While we may not see the number of likes, comments will still be visible. So make sure you’re still chatting with your community.

  3. Brands looking to work with individuals may have a greater focus on the overall feed aesthetic versus strictly an account’s follower count and like count.

  4. Account owners will still need to keep track of their own metrics. If you’re an account that looks to work with brands as an influencer, a media kit and metric snapshot will be necessary.

I’m excited to see how this rollout pans out. I’ll be shifting strategy with my clients to meet this new update. If you have questions on how you think this will effect your online community, let’s chat!

jess ferraro